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UPDATE: Airplane Etiquette: Celeb Sighting, Kal Penn

OMG. Technology is too weird. Just realized Kal Penn is on Twitter. How WEIRD would it have been if I had tweeted:

hey @kal_penn, stop kicking my seat you hottie.

... and he read it. What would have happened? Would he have stopped? Apologized? Told me to eff off? Asked for my number whence I would have to decline giving my number to a cute celeb b/c of BF? The possibilities are endless and this world is WAY too small.


Transportation from the Airport

Taxis from the New Orleans Airport (MSY) to the French Quarter are $28 flat for 1-2 persons and $12 per passenger for 3 or more people. There may be a $1 fuel surcharge if gas prices are still insane.

You pick up cabs at the taxi stand on the lower level just outside of baggage claim.